13 May 2008

Becoming Real

It really takes him a smile,
and he's all in my dreams once again,
But this time,
He's no longer a mere dream.

When it finally comes to an end,
The hoping and the crashing,
The hurting and the waiting,
I was so jaded with the dark night sky,
Now I can finally see
How stunning the light blue sky,
With a gentle morning breeze is.

That was when I thought that,
Nights got the most beautiful scenery.
I guess I was wrong.
But I do mistakes, once, twice,
And I was sure that,
Loving you wasn't a mistake.

I was so afraid of the awkward morning after,
But when the sun comes up,
And sun rays goes through the curtain-less windows
Make ups and kisses are all that I find,
All I feel is to love
and to be loved.

Don't you dream about me,
Because this time I'll become your reality.

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