16 July 2008

Fix It All

I remembered I always tried to make people laugh
I've always loved to make my friends laugh with me
I used to be the center of attention
And laughters and joys are all around me

But now how come,
being myself made the world turned its back on me?
As a matter of fact, if I would really squint on,
Maybe it is me who had turned my back on the world

All I wanted was to take a little rest,
to be a little out for a moment just to fix it all
but the more I idle, the more things I need to fix
Now I have to face them
To face the truth, my fear, and the real world
Where even a best friend would detest you.

So people do change,
They do come into your life, and leave you behind
But if they were going to leave me,
Maybe they were not destined to take part in my future.

I dare you to watch me,
The world is changing on me,
but that's okay- I'm on my way
Watch me fix it all
Because sometimes changes don't always mean a bad thing.

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