15 March 2008


Sweat drips in my eyes (you’re everything)
Screams of lust we cry (you’re everything)
Tonight, you are everything (you’re everything)
You’re everything to me no more

As I wake
From this perfect dream
I can not stay down
Live this lie for I
Now must think only of myself

And to think that you will not be
Scared or surprised if I'd severed
All these ties (this is the end)
This is the end

I’ll lose myself in anguish
For tonight (this is the end)
Help me get over you (I feel so numb)

I feel so numb to
See this bitter end
It has come to this
One last kiss
Broken pieces will not mend
To save our past
Save our past now
(this is the end)

I’ll lose myself in anguish for tonight
Help me get over you (this is the end)
One last false apology
Help me get over you

In my mind blood drips from your eyes
A beautiful last goodbye

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