12 March 2008

Bring The Pain

It was just in your mind,
all the thoughts,
blinding, corrupting, destructing..
from the inside,
crept through your veins,
like a deathly venom
convulsed in your brain.

when you were sane,
it's funny how you can easily shrug those off.
but then things change,
the moment you began to notice
things you haven't noticed before,
and you shouldn't have.

the way he brushed his hair with his slender fingers,
the way his lips curved into a smile,
the way he made you laugh, laugh, laugh
the way he inhaled the air around him,
and oh, how can you miss,
the way he looked at her, her, and just, only her.

still, you looked so alive,
with all the stabs and the hurting,
you still had those fake smile,
and fake "it's fine" words,
with a daring black eyes,
that screamed,
"bring the pain",

how can I even dare myself to look at you?
looking back at me, with those same stare,
tired eyes, faded smile, so painfully alive,
but there, still hanging on,
another part of me.

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