04 April 2008

Walking The Town

It doesn’t mean a thing, after all.

Every single thing he said, every little things he did,

Because I’m nothing so good, nothing so special in his eyes.

Once he told me,

“I’ll take you around the town when the time is right.”

But I knew everything is wrong when it comes to us.

Walking around the town wasn’t something so entertaining before,

And when did singing to a musical music become something so fun?

Still, she gets them all.

Oh how she gets them all, and all I have is a lousy jealousy.

She left me here, contemplating and regretting everything for what I can’t get,

She gets the singing and the whistling, I get a cold mattress.

She gets to see the parade in the town, while I get a lonely ride back home.

She gets the sharing stories nights, and I get my pillow to share my tears

She gets to be with him, so I get to bear the sight of her being with him.

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