02 April 2008

With Closed Eyes

image by theperspective

Sleepless nights and heartaches,

Are all that you’ll ever be

I’ll just close my eyes

And you’ll be there, smiling,

While I’ll be unblinking, mesmerizing.

The illusion was more than enough,

But when it comes to you,

I can’t get enough.

And all I want to do is to make it all worthwhile,

Your warm hands against mine cold ones

And we’ll laugh, we’ll cry, we’ll sing again,

Just that time, I guess it was okay

And it didn’t matter if you didn’t really mean to.

But your hand wasn’t mine to hold,

When it’s 5 in the morning,

Even with closed eyes still,

You were not there.

Eventually, surely,

I couldn’t remember the feeling of your fingers intertwined with mines

I’ll found myself in my pillow that barely smells like you anymore.

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