04 November 2009

Ordinary day

Today I overslept and end up skipping the first class. Not something unusual, knowing it is me. My attendance are barely above 80%, but no change whatsoever to my habit of skipping classes when I feel sleepy. I got the dockets anyway. Why worry then?

It rains a lot lately. When I was in my way to campus it started to rain. Such a nice weather to sleep. I love rain, with a cup of hot tea and a plate of banana fritters... mmmmmmmmm.

In the class? 20% paid attention to the lecturer, 80% spacing out/talking to friend. We were laughing a lot at Vinitha's photo, where her expression looks like what a prime minister would have when his picture is taken. We've been calling her 'prime minister' over and over again until she becomes mad and left us behind.

and there she goes.

Spent my night watching The Ugly Truth with Paulus while eating Tao Kae Noi, my favorite snack. It was a nice movie, Gerard Butler is soooo dreamy.

After that, we went to eat dinner at Longkang, and that's all for today. Not to mention facebooking like crazy though.

1 comment:

Stef'zz said...

U skip class mah emg ga heran :p

Iiihh.. nonton Ugly Truth ga ngajak2 (lagi!). Jgn di delete yaaa! Ntar g copy abs assignment g selesai :D
*Smoga pas g nulis ini, tuh film msh ada*