26 April 2010

Little Moment of Life #1 : That Feeling When You Rush an Assignment

Images taken from magnusmagnus @ Flickr

We all know the feeling of rushing an assignment (well, maybe except those who have mastered the time management and self control).

What feeling exactly? I meant the feeling of adrenaline rush, writing down jumbled ideas at one time, the frustration when we can not find the resources, working our brain off to find the correct sentences that bring impact in our work, staying awake at 4 in the morning still struggling with the assignment, and not to forget the oh-so-many temptations of copy pasting, google translating, taking a break, chatting with that guy/girl you have been flirting with, watching youtube, or even checking facebook.

I have a total of 6 assignments, 5 is due this April. In between, I got 2 class test and at least 5 presentation. Today, I will give you a tips and trick of how to do assignment -- last minute style!

Tips #1

When that first day your lecturer give you an assignment, listen to what your lecturer says. But you don't need to read that question paper -- after all, it looked easy when you glance at it. You can just read it at home. Not to mention the due date is like, a month.

leave that assignment paper!
Tips #2

When all the assignments have been given to you, you can start to do the assignment with the nearest due date. You understand the question, you found the topic....and you 're done for the day! Go celebrate with your friends!

hang out with friends!
Tips #3

You start to panic when all the assignments are piling up? No need to worry! You can start your assignment by now...BUT WAIT! you have this presentation tomorrow and quiz the day after tomorrow, maybe you need to concentrate on those two first. After that? You are to tired to do assignment.. let's just sleep first.

There will always be a time to sleep

Tips #4

Tomorrow is your first assignment submission, of course you are panicked! You are awake all night to do assignment...but of course, before you do that, you need to check your facebook first..right? Oh, and you need to eat first also! Maybe can update that blog first, or watching that new youtube subcription... Your friends are all doing it anyway. 12 hours are enough to finish one assignment. Coffee is your friend!

working you brain off

Tips #5

Turns out, you can finish within 12 hours, with sleeping, facebooking and youtube-ing in between. Maybe you did submit 4 minutes late...7:04...turns out the submission due is 7:30. You're safe!! Sure you can't feel your legs from running from your working space to printing room to working space to printing room to binding place and back to your working space. But you are too happy to care-- anyway, you can finish that game you've been playing now or even gain back your beauty sleep, either way, your choice.

relax time!

Tips #6
Repeat the cycle! You have proved that you can finish your assignment in 2 days time! Why do you need to do your assignment long time before submission? You can delay that, and do more important things right now. Like facebook-- hey, facebook is serious business, okay!

Congratulations!! You have succeed to do assignment last minute. Warning: last minute assignment can result in, but not limited to; frustration, stress, brain damage, lack of sleep, and panic.

But once you finish all your assignment, you will feel a great burden has been lifted from your shoulders...and once again: PARTY TIME!!

And so, that is, my friend: The beauty of doing assignment last minute!


realitygazer said...

LOL. thumbs up!
u forgot the bit bout consuming in too much caffein tat got ppl hyper n not having time for meals apart from grabbing snacks tat got ppl lose their weight within like, weeks. :P

ririnoktavia said...

me like this !!!!! i think ill do this tips when i have a lot assignment to do :P and dont forget 1 more tips : ASK UR BF TO HELP !!!! lol

Stef'zz said...

Wooww.. so truuee. Really helpful tips =DD

anyway, "Ask ur bf to help" is only applicable for ririn's case =P