03 April 2010


I'm in the middle of playing this game, now I'm on the last chapter, so please no spoiler = )

The one thing I love from Ace Attorney series is the hilarious dialogue. this game has the funniest dialogue ever!
In my opinion though, the stories are not as interesting as the Phoenix Wright series, but the investigation part sure is interesting. I love how the logic thing works, and most importantly, I LOVE Edgey-Poo - he's sooo adorable. Though he didn't crack as much as Phoenix did, he sure is cute when he cracks.

AND, surprisingly, I've found myself liking Franziska-- which lead to another surprise-- this is the first time in (5?) years that I come to like het pariing. Oh yeah. It doesn't mean I don't like yaoi anymore, though ;p

Sadly, not a lot of Franziska x Miles fanfiction out there.. : (

and no one, I mean NO ONE, i know playing this game that I can fangirl together with. *sigh* I mean there's a lot of fangirls online, but I need to satisfy my fangirl's crave in real life also *sobs*

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