09 March 2011

Weight , What?

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"I'm on diet."

I bet you are familiar with this sentence. We, girls, have this belief that we will never be thin enough! That's right! No matter how you think how good their proportion is, girls have the tendency to "want to lose another kg".

Well, in some rare cases, there are women that have difficulties in gaining weight, and guess what is our reaction?

"Waaa, how lucky you are!" (Totally forgetting how difficult it is for them to gain weight, as much as for us to lose weight.)

But anyway, many girls are constantly on diet. Even me. I have embarked in never ending journey of weight loss (sadly). So many advices, articles, books, and diet programmes have said that "It's easy to lose weight!" But why is it so hard for some girls to actually lose weight?

Well, in my case, this is the list of why it's not easy for me:
  1. Emotional eating. I think is not only me that have this problem. Many girls engage in this emotional eating; which is eating based on your feelings. I'm upset = I want to have sweets to "cheer me up". I'm bored = I want to chew something. I'm happy = I want to celebrate. Oh, the despair :(
  2. Social-pressure eating. For me, saying "No" to friends are difficult. So, if my friends ask me to go to eat in restaurant, I'll go and end up eating if everybody else is eating. The challenge really comes when the restaurant is a fast food restaurant!
  3. No time to exercise. I seem to have no time for exercise. Of course this is an excuse. I'm not a fan of sports, and I believe there are many girls like me who think exercise is very tiring! :O

How can we lose weight? There are many ways to lose weight, but this is a list of things you should take notice before you use these methods.

1. Diet Pills.
Easiest, fastest, but RISKY method of losing weight. Please note that I DO NOT encourage anyone to take diet pills. Diet pills are very, very tempting. I admit I nearly gave up and want to take diet pills, but no matter how "safe" they claim to be, NEVER buy it without researching it first. Many of diet pills are affecting your body in the long term, such as damaging your kidney. There are cases of death. And most probably, they won't last long, you'll bounce back to your original weight, maybe even more, when you stop taking them. See more on why you shouldn't buy diet pills here.

2. Skipping Meals.
This, was my diet method. It did not work for me, and I'm feeling hungry at all time, and I constantly have gastric :( Actually, our body is smarter than we think. When we skip meals and starve, our body is preserving available fats in our body and our metabolism is slowing down. If we want to lose weight, we want to make our metabolism system faster, not slower.

3.Eating at very very low calorie intake. This plan seems perfect; if you eat around 1500 calories a day, just eat 500 calories and you lose many weight. But sadly it doesn't work that way. Even wonder why some people are thin even if they eat a lot? it's because their body has adjusted to their daily calorie intake. If you cut a lot on calories, you'll lose weight fast at first, but then you'll stuck because your body has adjusted and so to lose more weight you cut down more calories. What happens if I cut down to only 100 calories per day? I don't think it's possible, but if that's the case, I'M DOOMED!!

So, that's all I know about diet that is not very effective. I tried to do no 2, and no 3. It was not successful for me.I hope I won't try no 1. at all.

All girls out there struggling for weight loss, you're not alone. Don't give up! Lose weight, not faith! :)

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