22 December 2009

My (kind of) Holiday

Okay, remember about my plan for going to de-clutter my life? I'd say, the heck with it. I'm going to de-clutter my life with no planning. I'll just go with the flow. Now, that sounds like a good plan.

So, what I ACTUALLY do on my holiday is this: downloading e-books and read them like crazy. Basically, I download anything that catches my interest; from cut your hair at home like pro, to mastering photoshop CS4 kind of book. Random, I know, but one can't have enough craving for knowledge, can one? So I learned a new coloring technique from one of the e-books, and decided to try it. Again, it is only a work in progress (WIP) it looks pretty much..crappy. Oh, maybe it's just the anatomy. Please ignore the anatomy. Pretty please? There we go;

Just for information, in case someone wondered who's this creepy-white-haired-but-tanned-man-wearing-a-very-disturbing-unmatched-red-robe-and-blue-skirt-wait-what-skirt-holy-crap, he is Thief King Bakura, from Yu-Gi-Oh, and he is supposed to be sexy, which I clearly fail to portray in the picture. But whatever. Who cares?

Another activity I've been doing is watching movies. Oh yes movies, what else is better than sitting in a couch watching a good movie with a popcorn? I've been watching a series called The Big Bang Theory, and it is a very entertaining series regarding every day life of genius scientists. Sounds boring? You just gotta watch it for yourself to understand. On another note, the most anticipated movie of the year is out: AVATAR. I watched it, and it's beyond words. I won't go into any spoiler but it is worth it to watch it in cinema.

And I'll just stop here before I'll go talking about year end sale. It's a YEAR END SALE! can we hear a YES coming knocking on the door? But in my sadly turn of unfortunate events, I need to pay for the college fees, so....bye bye year end sale. /sob.

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