02 December 2009

Of Plans and Changes

Finally, I finished my exams! The exams were okay --- I guess, but I won't be talking about exams. I've been hooked to The Sims 3 World Adventures lately, but again, I won't be talking about The Sims 3 ...yet.

This holiday I didn't come back to my country, instead I had plans I've been planning to do for this holiday. I changed my mind a lot, but there was one consistent thing I wanted to do; I want to de-clutter my life.

My whole life was messy, though not as messy as the drama life you've seen in your typical drama show. So now that it's time to put things in order, it's more like de-cluttering in the sense of 'straightening' my path to the path leading to where I want to be. In the last 1 and half year, instead of sitting in the driver seat and take control of my life, I've been sitting in the passenger seat and just ride to whichever way the flow taking me. I change, I know change doesn't always mean bad, but it's not the kind of change I want to have.

Of all the things that changed, the most noticeable is how I spend my time on the internet. I still went online, sure, but I didn't do any stuff I used to do when I went online before. I used to be more productive, damn it. Writing blog, socializing, posting art, chatting, reading online stories, catching up with old friends, et cetera et cetera. Now, what do I do when I go online: yep, you guess it, FACEBOOK.

So back to my plan, I plan to find my goals in my life during this holiday. I didn't do it until today, the second week of my holiday, I run out of things to do and decide to read a book, that's when I found note book from Spiritual-Life Skill course I took last year during my holiday. I completely forgot about that book, so I decided to read that book. Then I found the answer of how to change my life back:

It starts from within myself.

How simple it was. But can I really change my life? In that book, there were little brown papers that have my writing. One of it reads,

" People have ALL they need to act effectively, or to CHANGE "

The moment I read that, I delete all negative thoughts and regrets I had. The 'if only's and 'I wish they's are all discarded. If I want change, I have to start from myself. I will start slowly and gradually, because it is the way to make it long lasting.

Oh, and another note, I found the best remedy to procrastination. JUST writedamnit GO THROUGH IT. Seriously.

You know, I've been very lazy to do a certain task, and I do mean VERY LAZY. But I decide that I can not run forever, and so I forced myself to sit straight and face that certain task. In the end? It wasn't that difficult. It was just difficult to start : )

For closing statement, don't forget that "change will come" ( Coffees for Closers, Fall Out Boy.)

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