19 January 2010

Maybe, Possibly

images by Denis Collete @ Flickr

If everything happens for a reason, then there must be a reason why we are breathing right now, living our lives. Have you found your purpose in life? Or are you lost like a dust in the wind?

Maybe there was a reason after all, that this certain book come into my hands. Nathalia Sunaidi has successfully provoking her readers to think of who they really are, who they were, in their past lives, with her controversial book, "Journey to My Past Lives".

Some people believe in reincarnation, some don't. Some wanted to believe, but logic doesn't allow them. Some people are like me, I do-- I want to believe in reincarnation, but my religion contradicts that, or so according to my understanding.

But reading this book, it's taking my understanding of reincarnation to a whole new level. Everything happens for a reason. A fortune or a misfortune you find in this life might be caused by something you have done in your past lives. Isn't it a little bit unfair? How can someone be rewarded or punished by something he/she doesn't even remember?

But the souls remember, they do remember. Have you ever meet someone and felt you already knew them since a long time ago? Maybe you did meet them, in your past lives. Have you meet your soulmate in this life? Could it be that you have been together for several different lives?
Have you ever thought why are you friends with your friends? Why are you a daughter or a son to your parents? Could it be you chose them by yourself, because they played a significant role in your past lives before?

And maybe, just maybe, there is a lesson in this life you failed to learn in your past lives before, and it's re-occuring in your current life, and will always be in your future life until you are able to figure out what the lesson is about. It could be about forgiving, about understanding, about caring, or anything. The clues are around you, you just have to start noticing.

I had a hearing problem, my left ear couldn't hear as good as my right. I had to hear twice carefully than before. Or maybe it's a clue for me to listen more. I've gotten much more quiet than I was before. I kinda like it, because that way, I can listen more.

"You're given one mouth and two ears because listening is more difficult than talking"

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