21 February 2010

Black or White

I must admit that it is really a tricky question, though not entirely a sticky situation when I have to decide between black or white. This black or white mind set has truly limit us more than we notice. If it's not a yes, then it's a no. If it's not good, then it is bad. If it's not black, it is not white. Such clear lines set them apart-- there is no in between, there is no gray. It's an absoluteness, with no other options. Can you imagine a world where we can only choose between black or white, or yes or no? If you don't love him, then you must hate him. If you are not rich, then you must be poor. If you are not this, then you must be that-- enough of this, this limiting mindset. Why can't we see the gray areas in between?

And now I'm torn between a yet black and white question of "why this is or is not so". Actually, it's my assignment question. Now, that's what I called a sticky situation.

Or I'm just procrastinating.

Edit: Still stuck with the assignment question, however, not without a new development
Just to make clear, the assignment question was whether the theory of 'structure follows strategy' can be used as an effective strategy, and thus this is where the 'why this is, or is not so' came up.

And I just noticed that, sure, structure must follow strategy, but strategy can not be created without existing structure. Basically, the question is not just a black and white question, but it is also a chicken and egg question.

You know, the chicken and egg question; "Which one come first? Egg or Chicken?" Without chicken, there can not be egg, but without egg there can not be chicken.

What a confusing world we live in.

As for me, what a confusing assignment question I got.

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realitygazer said...

strategy seems more in general while structure is, well, structured. thus sounds more on the base level?
wait. im confusing myself. lol
wat kind of assignment is tat...
poor u.