20 March 2010

Twilight Saga : From my point of view

Who doesn't know about the famous "Twilight Saga"? I practically can hear the scream of the fan-girls in the background whenever I said Twilight. This post is going to be about my opinion about the Twilight Saga.

To begin with, to all twilight fans, you won't like this. Everyone has an opinion right? and here's mine.

I never read the books, so I don't want to judge.. but I just can't resist to say this:

I think it's overrated. Totally. I mean, from what I saw from the movies.

From the plot side, I have to agree that it's unique-- I mean everyone should agree that a sparkling vampire is not something we see everyday in the vampire fandom. But other than that, what can I say? Cliche. There must be at least 100 stories out there about one ordinary girl ( enter Bella) that turns out to be special (because apparently the vampires can't use their ability on her) and so she can get the main guy.. but of course he is supposed to be "our of her league" at first (Edward: he's a vampire, supposedly handsome -- though i can't agree, and he's nearly perfect).

But anyway, the plot is enjoyable -- that is if you like romance. It's like seeing a cheap romance movie, only slightly better. I especially liked the baseball moment. I enjoyed the first movie, though it's painfully predictable. Again, back to my point, nothing's wrong with the classic romance between a vampire and an ordinary girl, I just though it'd be best to just leave it in the novel form. It's really, really a bad idea to turn New Moon into a movie. I mean, whose idea is that? Whoever they are, I bet they just never see a good novel -- or they're just suck at making a good movie.

If Twilight is not bad-- then New Moon bring it down to the bad level. I don't know it's bad from the plot side, or the character side.. I especially despised Bella's character in New Moon. I know people would say that I'm just jealous because she gets to be with two (hot?) guys, but no. I just hate how she treated Jacob. I personally think Bella character is either:

a) Lack of character
b) A Mary Sue

If you are not familiar of what Mary Sue is, this is the definition: "A Mary Sue (sometimes just Sue), in literary criticism and particularly in fanfiction, is a fictional character with overly idealized and hackneyed mannerisms, lacking noteworthy flaws, and primarily functioning as a wish-fulfillment fantasy for the author or reader" -- wikipedia.

First of all, Bella never treated her friends as friends-- she seems indifferent to her friends, even cold and ignorant. She looks like a tough "tomboy" girl (e.g.; her choice in car, how she dress-- she even wears converse when she went to promnight) but when it comes to Edward she changes into i'm-a-maiden-in-love mode and even become all woe-is-me in New Moon. I don't know if the Author made her that way, but I know I don't like her character.

As for Edward.. I don't dislike him, but I can't say I'm a fan of him. I didn't find him sexy or handsome like his fans portrayed him. I'm not saying Robert Pattinson is ugly, I just don't find him as Edward handsome. And here I thought vampire supposed to be handsome. Oh yeah, I also hate when they say Edward is gay! They say it like gay is a bad thing .. In fact, I think Twilight Saga will be much more interesting when suddenly Edward becomes gay with Jacob, his supposedly enemy. Won't it be a good drama?

Btw, the character I like from Twilight Saga so far is Alice (of course, who doesn't like her? I think she's the most adorable character from Twilight). I like Bella's dad also, just because I pity him for having a daughter like Bella..and Jacob--again, because I pity him for what Bella did to him. This is basically a summary of what happened in New Moon between them.

- Edward leaves Bella
- Bella ish sad : ((((
- Jacob make a move on Bella -- while Edwards is gone, this is his chance
- Bella started doing weird things just so she can hallucinate (or fantasize) about Edward
- Bella can't see the Edward ghost anymore...she ish soo sad : (((((((
- Jacob cheers her up, went to movies with her
- Bella ish happy when Jacob is around : ))) but she still cant forget Edward so she is moooooore sad : ((((((((((( but anyway movies night end in disaster
- Jacob suddenly avoiding her
- Bella ish sad..SAAAAADDDDD i tell you : ((((((((((((((( because Jacob leaves her
- Jacob is actually werewolf! Bella is suprised.. : OOOOOOOOO
- To faster things up, Jacob and Bella already so close to kissing...Bella already admit she likes Jacob.. but suddenly a phone call came
- it's from Edward : OOOOOOOO He is back!! Bella is sooo happy : DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
- And so, she leaves Jacob for Edward
- Jacob becomes sad : ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

The End

I don't know if you enjoy this kind of movie, but er--

Anyways, this is only my opinion. If you like Twilight Saga then don't flame me just because I don't like it. In fact, I'm looking forward to see Eclipse.. I hope things are better.
Maybe the novels are nice, but they are not nice enough to be a movie that sells. Thanks to the fangirls that Twilight becomes so famous. Now, if Twilight becomes a comic, then maybe..*shrugs*

That's it for today.

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realitygazer said...

hahahah this post is hillarious.. !! and i love ur version of the plot. lol.
ive been wanting to comment on this but ddnt had the time till now.

well,, id say even the fairytales are cliche and overrated. but ppl still loves them?

twilight is probably the elder version of such, whereas female teens can't help being overwhelmed of something out of their fantasies.

I guess as long as there are helpless romantic girls out there, so will the desire of such love stories. Hence, if the novel is still as popular as ever, so will the anxieties over its movie releases.
... however sucked they might be.