20 March 2010

Red is for the blood he sheds

I can't sleep.. so what did I do? I started working on my work-in-progress(es) and finished one of them. I've posted the project before .. I was testing on a new color technique. Turns out okay, but not as good as I wanted it to be. But meh-- I tried my best. It takes time to learn technique anyway. So here it goes.

I love coloring blood~ but I added to much blood in this picture it seems.. Anyway, this is the sketch version:

I'm just glad I finish this..so now I can move on to another project! Yay! : )

Done with Photoshop CS4, with the guide from the book Creative Photoshop CS4 Digital Illustration and Art Technique by Derek Lea.


riisu! said...

gw kira siapa ;A;


gambar lagi doonkkk ;3;

realitygazer said...

wow. u draw!

nicee ~~

ririnoktavia said...

viiiiiiiii gambar nya bagus bgt, love it !!!!! upload di fb donk gw kan gak punya blog biar gw bisa liat2 :)